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Join Us!

Why Join us:

Join us to be part of a dynamic community of women committed to improving the lives of women and children in Northeast Ohio. 100% of your donation to 100 Women Strong OHIO supports local non-profits. Please join us in our mission to be a true force for good!

How Do I Join?

It's so easy! Select a donation amount to become a member now!


*Your tax-deductible, annual contribution provides a direct and immediate benefit to our community as 100% of your donation supports our collective pool of grants.

What  is my commitment?

It's simple! If you’re a woman with limited time, but a lot of heart, 100 Women Strong OHIO is for you! Our givings are two hours, three times a year.

Small commitment, BIG impact. 

Your commitment

You will do your best to attend our three giving events per year.


Whether you can attend or not, your contribution will be put to work!


THAT’s the power of collective giving!

our commitment

Our volunteer team will put together fun events that help you learn about the needs in our community and we will keep the meetings held within ONE HOUR.


An optional social hour will be held before each one hour meeting. 

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