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How to apply

Please carefully review the grant application process and qualifications to fully understand how our grant process works. Grants provided by 100 Women Strong OHIO are non-renewable. However, an organization may submit a new application the following year for continued funding.

PHASE I. Full Grant Application (PDF emailed to grants@100womenstrongohio.org by November 10th or June 10th)


  1. Cover Letter on organization's letterhead signed by executive director

  2. One page executive summary to including the following

    • founding, history, and mission

    • project description and/or general operating needs outline and requested amount* 

    • contact person and contact info

  3. Financials

    • 2 year audited financial statement or form 990

    • Board of Director's Listing

    • 501c3 determination letter​​​​

PHASE II. Selection of Semi-Finalists: Site Visits and/or Interviews: (January or August)

  1. 100 Women Strong OHIO will select grant candidates and conduct site visits and/or interviews during the months of January or August.

  2. The objective of the site visit and/or interview is to complete a general due diligence review and to investigate and resolve any questions.

  3. Site visits require approximately 60 minutes of dedicated time, and we require the participation of the director, program manager, or other qualified individual to represent the organization. An interview schedule will be established prior to the visit.

PHASE III. Grant Finalists

  1. Each Grant Nominee finalist will be notified and asked to send a representative to present a short presentation (~5 minutes) at our 100 Women Strong OHIO Giving circle event (February and September).

  2. 100 Women members will then vote on the finalists, with each 100 Women Strong OHIO member casting one vote and the majority deciding on the grant recipient.


Please Consider:


*As our membership grows, so does our fund. We anticipate giving between $20,000 to $40,000 in the September 2019 giving.

A successful organization who receives funds is not eligible for 1 year for future consideration.


Voting will take place by secret ballot and simple majority wins.


Ties will be decided by further votes. If a tie persists, the membership will randomly select one of the tied organizations by draw.