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Can a member nominate a charity?

Of course! Contact the organization directly and provide our information so they can begin the grant application process. Ask them to reference your name in their application so we know how they found us!


Where does my membership money go?

100% of the $200 annual membership fee goes into our growing fund. During each giving circle, three organizations will give a five minute presentation explaining why they should be selected to receive a portion of the fund. Members vote and an organization is selected. The two remaining organizations can apply to receive funds during future giving circles. Whatever membership money is not awarded to the selected charity remains in the fund and contributes to long-term growth.

What are operational costs?



This organization is run by volunteers. There are, however, costs associated with running 100 Women Strong OHIO including website hosting and portions of each event that are not donated. If you would like to give a donation to support our operational costs, you can do so by clicking here. We appreciate your support!

We are also always looking for sponsors who can help with hosting our Giving Circles or providing food! Find out more by clicking "Sponsorship." 

does 100 women strong ohio support political or Religious organizations?

No. To qualify for a grant, an organization cannot be politically or religiously self-serving. For more information, check out the Grant Qualifications and encourage your favorite charity to apply!


What do you do with my personal information?

100 Women Strong OHIO collects your personal information (including name, email address, phone number, zip code) in order to keep in contact about upcoming events. 

100 Women Strong OHIO will never sell, give or otherwise share your personal information with any third party. We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media. 

How does 100 Women Strong OHIO communicate with members?

The website will have the most up to date info at all times. We also update Facebook. Members are emailed from Please add this to your address book. If you change your email address, please let us know. Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time, please send an e-mail to the above address indicating your withdrawal. Membership fees are non-refundable.

May I bring a friend to a giving circle meeting?

Yes, please! However, in order to cast a vote, she will be required to become an official member. Being a member means making a commitment to contributing at least $200 annually. Any woman is welcome to join an event to learn more!

How do I become a member?

Our membership checkout process just got a makeover! If you would like to become a member, please click on “Join” and add your preferred contribution amount to your cart. $200 is the minimum annual contribution in order to vote at two giving circle events and attend a third tangible giving event. You can customize your gift by adjusting the quantity and/or by adding a separate donation to support our operational costs. We're happy you found us and welcome!

How long do the meetings last?

The actual meetings/vote will take no more than one hour.  There are opportunities to socialize both before and after the formal part of each one-hour meeting.

Is membership limited to 100 people?

Absolutely not! This is an all-inclusive, the more the merrier, come one (woman) come all organization. The more women, the greater the impact. Invite your friends!

Who can join 100 Girls Strong?

100 Girls Strong is open to the daughters of all active members and there is no required donation to participate. 100 Women Strong OHIO memberships must be active in order for girls to participate.

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