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Be the change you wish to see

February 2020 - First Giving


Fostering Hope Ohio serves children in foster care and residential treatment, providing joyful experiences to profoundly impact a child’s life. These include recognizing  holidays, a connection to nature,  summer camp, yoga, and celebrating birthdays.  

Core Furniture Bank empowers individuals to shop for furniture with vouchers, making it just a little bit easier to rebuild lives following various setbacks.


Safe Families creates an extended network of love, hope and respite for parents facing crisis, allowing children to be cared for by safe families in order for parents to get back on track.



October 2020 - Second Giving


Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio provides children from under-resourced communities with long-term support and partnership focused on preparing each Scholar for post-secondary and career success.

The CASA program works to protect the most vulnerable citizens of a community: children who have suffered abuse and neglect. Through the work of caring and dedicated volunteers, CASA advocates for all children in need, until they receive safe, permanent and nurturing homes.


Stewart's Caring Place promises to provide a caring, relaxed environment offering supportive services and programs for individuals and families on their cancer journey - all at no cost.


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