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Welcome to 100 Women Strong OHIO!

We are a dynamic community of women committed to improving the lives of women and children in Northeast Ohio.
 Founded in 2018, with our first-ever First Giving held in 2019, we have always believed that making a positive impact can be simple, meaningful and rewarding. Through member donations and tangible items, we’ve given over $500,000 to date, and we want to give more!
From the incredible work of our grant recipients to the strength of unifying like-minded women, the impact of 100 Women Strong OHIO is far reaching.
We hope you’ll join us in our mission to be a true force for good in our community!

Jen Yozwiak & MaryJo Clark - Co-Presidents of 100 Women Strong OHIO

Jen Yozwiak & MaryJo Clark

What if  like-minded women
gathered together?
What if these women wanted to  
make an impact ?
What if  giving was  
easy,   fun  and  rewarding?
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