Be the change you wish to see.

As we gathered in community on Tuesday night, there was both a palpable excitement (punctuated by silver and pink Mardi Gras beads!) and a grounding sense of gratitude–for our zen-like surroundings, the power of connecting in person and the impact of our collective gift. 


After impassioned presentations by all three organizations, we were thrilled to award our $25,000 gift to RAHAB. RAHAB’s work to end human trafficking and serve its victims on every level is selfless and inspiring. The 900 square foot home that provides refuge for vulnerable women will benefit with the addition of a private meeting space made possible by our grant. We also awarded two $5,000 gifts to the night’s other presenting organizations, OHuddle Mentors and ProjectNICU, further propelling their missions.


Since our inception in 2019, because of the women in our ranks, nearly $200,000 has been provided for organizations that serve women and children in Northeast Ohio. Together, we have helped fund an apartment to keep homeless families together; renovated a bathroom to better serve women in recovery; provided stability to children in the foster care system; secured mental health programming to extraordinary students; opened an outreach center on the weekends; and supported families navigating the deep trauma of sexual abuse. 


These projects represent only a portion of our impact. The true power of giving is how it multiplies, inspiring future generations of philanthropists, giving circles and our community (we’re so proud of 100 Girls Strong OHIO!). One of our previous grantees, Terri Heckman of the Rape Crisis Center, also joined Tuesday’s event to remind us that we are changing lives and should feel pride in the ripple effects of our gifts, which not only help locally, but often stimulate changes at the statewide level for essential programming.


Spring brings joy and hope, and we look forward to spreading more of these essential elements through our important work together. We are so proud of our collective impact and deeply grateful for your involvement. We are stronger together!