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First Giving: February 11, 2020

We're not sure there was a dry eye in the room at our first giving of 2020. Thanks to three extraordinary missions, we were educated, inspired, and moved to tears. We were also very excited to give a portion of our grant money to every presenting organization.


Fostering Hope shared the story of so many children in northeast Ohio in the foster care system who experience unstable living situations. Unlike our own children who have the privilege of their basic needs being met (and then some), the comfort of routine, and confidence in their family system, many children don't even know how to celebrate a birthday (they've never made a wish list), and can't even move their belongings from place to place with dignity. With programs like Birthdays with Hope and Journey Bags, Fostering Hope is determined to change this.


Core Furniture Bank challenged us to imagine not having a warm bed to climb into at the end of the day, not being able to provide one for our children. Thanks to generous donations of gently used furniture from around our area and a determined network of volunteers, Core Furniture Bank empowers individuals to shop for furniture with vouchers, making it just a little bit easier to rebuild lives following various setbacks.


The Safe Families organization hails from Chicago and was brought to Cleveland with great passion. Determined to affect change, Safe Families creates an extended network of love, hope and respite for parents facing crisis. We have all been exhausted mothers. And yet we are fortunate enough to rely upon a wide safety net. Not everyone is so lucky. Safe Families is a beacon of light in an otherwise tumultuous time allowing children to be cared for by safe families in order for parents to get back on track.


While we were so honored to grant $20,000 to Fostering Hope and $2,500 to both CORE Furniture Bank and Safe Families, the true gift was in the message. We feel so fortunate to now know about three more remarkable organizations determined to change our local community.


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